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Leadership Down the Middle
Using Virtues to Lead, Guide & Decide

In today’s world that’s easily enraged by viral hashtags or that demands us to take a seat on one side of the aisle, it can be challenging for business, civic, and community leaders to know exactly how to respond. Fortunately, there are still ways for you to lead beyond these challenging times.

In Leadership Down the Middle, Nico Hohman guides you on why having just the right balance of the five Pillars of Virtuous Leadership produces the best results by exploring:

  • The E.A.A.C.T. Scales

  • The Decision Making Flowchart

  • The 15 Ways to Gain More Empathy

  • The I.P.A.T.E.R. Method

  • Trust Givers vs. Trust Builders Graphs

  • The 4 Competencies of a Modern Organization

  • The Feedback Formula

  • The 4 Symptoms and Cures of Burnout

  • The G.R.O.W. Method

  • The 20 Ways to Lead Like a Teacher

  • The 4 Commandments of Customer Service

  • And Many More!

Plus, he explores over 50 virtuous reflections action items that can be implemented into your organization and personal life right now.

You’ll read great stories from United States Air Force leaders, university deans, NASCAR drivers, and the author himself on how to use each one of the five Pillars - Empathy, Anger, Advice, Courage, and Transcendence - to better lead, guide, and decide for your employees, constituents, congregations, and followers.

So join Nico on his quest to help you lead right down the middle.

I help everyday professionals make better decisions and become better leaders using the Virtues of Eaactive Leadership.

Using the Eaactive Leadership Style Assessment (ELSA), I help transform individuals into great business, civic, religious and community leaders whose goals are to reach their ultimate fulfillment, to nourish the Five Major Cares, to create more of the Common Good, and to change the world.

I've done most everything in my professional and personal life, but the one trait I'm most proud of and the one that has remained is my ability to lead others when they need it most.

Let's discover how you too can lead, guide, and decide with your virtues. Here's to the fundamentals.

Speaking Programs and Engagements

Hillsborough County Tenant Bill of Rights with Florida Realtors General Counsel Juana Watkins

Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Join moderator Nico Hohman to hear from Florida Realtors Vice General Counsel Juana Watkins about the Hillsborough County Tenant's Bill of Rights.
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A Conversation with Plan Hillsborough Executive Director Melissa Zornitta

Thursday, August 12, 2021

Join moderator Nico Hohman to learn about the Hillsborough County 2045 Long Range Plan as well as other planning initiatives for the Tampa Bay area.
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A Conversation with Pasco County Property Appraiser Mike Wells

Friday, July 23, 2021

Join moderator Nico Hohman as we discuss how the appraiser's office is making government more accessible to property owners through technology and ensuring fair, unbiased appraisals.
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LGBTQ+ Pride Month: Inclusivity Benefits Us All Webinar

Thursday, June 10, 2021

Join moderator Nico Hohman to understand the struggles, challenges, and gains of the LGBTQ+ community in the homeownership and real estate industries.
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The Eaactive Leadership Style Assessment (ELSA) is a powerful virtues-based indicator tool that will give you techniques on how to best serve, motivate, and inspire others as a professional leader. The ELSA will also help you create a better community for your employees, constituents, congregations, and followers.

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